A Public Open Letter From Youth to All USA leaders

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A Public Open Letter From Youth to All USA leaders

We Can't Hesitate Anymore》

Young Whistler for USA Coronavirus 

Alerts to Urge Government to Suspend School Classes Immediately 

《不能再犹豫! 冠状病毒警报少年吹哨者向政府疾呼立即停课!


On March 10, Harmony Liu, a 9th grade female student of Jericho High School Long Island & Xia Xu (徐子雅), a female student of Great Net North High School Long Island, and Elvis Han, a first-grade student from Toronto Elementary School in Canada wrote a public letter to appeal to the top US government and schools. "Act now to close our schools, don't wait until the last minute!" . Harmony Liu and Mia Xu drafted an initiative letter to the White House President Trump, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Senate Majority leader and Minority leader, the Sectary of Health Care, the Secretary of Education, the Governor of New York, the Mayor of New York and National CDC director. It was also sent to the relevant media. Their suggestion by intelligent  that is to move the April Spring Break to now so we can wait out the height of these infections period or start online classes! If it has not disappeared by April, we can also replace our summer break to now. Our safety and wellbeing is much more important than our class !  We can make up all the lessons we were supposed to learn, but we can’t take back our lives - be it family, friends, or our own- after we lose them.

310Jericho高中一年级女学生Harmony Liu(刘昕格)与大劲北高中女同学Xia Xu (徐子雅)及远在加拿大多伦多小学一年级的学生Elvis Han (韩储泽)共同向政府与学校呼吁马上行动关闭学校,不要等到最后一分钟!”Harmony Liu Mia Xu 起草了给白宫总统、国会山众议院院长、参议院多数党与少数党议长、卫生部长、教育部长、纽约州长、纽约市长、CDC主任发出请愿书!也发给了有关媒体。她们智慧的建议把四月的二周春假调到现在来, 避开目前到感染高峰期,如果到四月还没有消失, 可以把暑假的掉换过来 关键的安全概念是:课程是可以补过来的, 但如果谁的家人、谁的孩子、谁的朋友被感染中招了就后悔来不及了! 


New coronavirus cases have invaded the United States and Canada more and more, but the government has responded slowly. According to reports in the past weeks, quarantines were only set up after they confirmed a case. For example, the virus spread at extreme rates in a law firm in Manhattan. School bus drivers have spread the virus to over 80 students. Even doctors and nurses have gotten sick when patients come in for checkups or any other reason. The speed of which we are proceeding at is just way too slow for a situation like this. Too many lives are at risk for the government to be reacting at this speed. They choose to shut down schools only after students are infected and by that time, it’s too late. America needs to wake up and start doing instead of waiting.

 随着新冠状病毒越来越严重的侵袭美国与加拿大之际,政府行动反应缓慢,根据最近一周的报道,都是到了发现有律师楼感染、学校司机感染 、学生感染、医院医生与护士感染后才隔离关闭!  这种不提前预防的亡羊补脑的做法是否符合美国国家独立宣言的伟大人权精神? 美国人民需要觉悟并行动而不是等待!


The right to life is to protect people's lives and safety should always be top priority! The United States, who prides itself with being the country who believes the most in human rights, is doing barely anything to protect its citizens' lives. By the time they discover more cases, dozens of people will have been infected! Just like the lawyer or the bus drivers, it's already too late to do anything. It seems that the US government, state governments, and school principals are turning a blind eye to this present problem and pretending that everything will be fine!  Since it all happens so fast, The United States hasn’t prepared to conduct community censuses, but we hear from neighbors and friends that nearby areas and schools have already been infected. We have to call on the Education Bureau and the government to take action as soon as possible. The easiest way is to close the schools and let the children take their classes online. We once again call on all American parents to appeal to the government and the media to suspend classes through various channels!

生命权就是要保护人民的生命、安全为第一!  全世界最讲人权的伟大的美国,难道总统、国会、部长、州长、市长与校长们不顾人民的生命而积极的预防,都要等到病毒感染到某个学校与社区发现了才关闭! 到发现的时候已经几十人被感染了! 就像曼哈顿的律师超级传播者、长岛巴士司机等, 到发现就太迟了! 看起来,美国政府与州政府、学校校长们还没有重视与意识到新冠状病毒的严重性,还在侥幸的认为我们不会被感染!来的太突然,美国还需要时间做社区普查,但当我们每天听到我们邻居、我们附近学校某某被感染了才关闭,不得不呼吁教育局与政府尽快采取措施, 最容易的措施就是关闭学校,让孩子们在家里网络上课, 在此,我们再次呼吁所有的美国家长们必须通过各个渠道向政府、向媒体呼吁停课!

Two Months ago, Harmony Liu & Mia Xu initiate to help China Coronavirus disaster area ‘s children by donating their own pocket money. Gotten supported by UN-WHO, UNDESA, UNICEF, and congressman Thomas Suozzi & Lester Wolff. They would like to continue their good heart to helping American community and people in the world who has disaster. 

两个月前,Harmony LiuMia Xu通过捐赠自己的零用钱,开始帮助中国冠状病毒灾区的孩子们。 获得联合国世界卫生组织,联合国经社部,联合国儿童基金会以及国会议员托马斯·苏兹(Thomas Suozzi)和莱斯特·沃尔夫(Lester Wolff)的支持。 他们希望成为青少年领袖,继续帮助世界上遭受灾难的人们与美国社区献出自己的爱心。

A Public Open Letter From Youth to All USA leaders

To:   Congressman Thomas Suozzi, Nassau County of Long Island, New York. 

Former Congressman 101 years old, Lester Wolff, Chairman of Ask Congress TV


Attn:  President Donal Trump, Vice President Mike Pence

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of House

Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of Senate

Minority Leader, Chunk Schumer ,Minority Leader of Senate

Joe Biden, President Candidate

Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of New York

Bill de BlasioMayor Of New York, 

Sectary of Public Health Care Alex Azar, 

CDC Director, Robert R. Redfield, MD


CC:  New York Times, CNN, Xinhua News, Daily News, Ask Congress TV, 

American Multil-media TV, CCTV-Microfilm Channel.Asian Economic Herald, Asia News Weekly

Your Excellency:

We are the youth from the World Harmony Foundation-Youth Leadership Committee. Last month, we initiated the supporting China Coronavirus by donating our pocket money to the Chinese kids who lost their parents in coronavirus. We are very pleased to have gotten the support of the 101 year old congressman Lester Wolff, congressman Thomas Suozzi, under secretary general of United Nations Zhenmin Liu, UN-WHO, and UNICEF.




Unfortunately, we are shocked at how fast the coronavirus has spread:  Korea, Italy, Europe, and now our own America! The virus has attacked many states and many cities extremely fast. We don’t know who brought the virus over and infected so many people. This is causing our families and us to worry. Here, we like to initiate with you, Leaders of United States, to call on the government to allow all school to close for the two weeks and have school in the April when students would usually have a break, which mean we could replace two weeks from April to now.  Or, schools can have online classes so students can learn from the safety of their own homes. This way, we can avoid the dangers of the coronavirus and protect our friends and family.


According to New York Times report on March 8, “The number of known coronavirus cases in the United States continues to grow rapidly. As of Monday morning, at least 545 people have been treated for coronavirus in 34 states and Washington, D.C., according to a New York Times database, and at least 22 patients with the virus have died.” New York State cases have increased to 142 cases, which is more than Washington State, becoming state with the most coronavirus cases. In one week, in our Nassau county has gone from one case to now 13 cases. Henceforth, we urgently call all leaders in White House, in Capitol Hill, president candidates secretary of education department, secretary of health department, director general of CDC, Governor of New York State, Mayor of New York and Director of the 50 states education bureau to allow the schools close and student study at home !

We are very admiring New York Times ‘s report about Dr. Howard Markel ‘s Alert on March 8, 2020: “Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late! History teaches us that keeping children at home early in an outbreak can save lives.” By Howard Markel.  Dr. Markel studies the history of pandemics. March 6, 2020

Excellency, Please Sign this letter with your name and school as continue follower for your support!  Let’s take action now to avoid this crisis from coming to our home & school !

收件人:纽约长岛拿骚县美国联邦众议员托马斯·索兹(Thomas Suozzi)。

美国国会电视台董事长、前国会议员101Lester Wolff


致:  唐纳德·特朗普总统,副总统迈克·彭斯












我们是世界和谐基金会青年领导委员会的年轻人。上个月,我们通过把零花钱捐赠给在疫情中失去父母的中国孩子,发起了援助中国的冠状病毒。我们非常高兴得到101岁的国会议员莱斯特·沃尔夫(Lester Wolff),国会议员托马斯·索兹(Thomas Suozzi),联合国副秘书长刘振民,联合国世界卫生组织和联合国儿童基金会等官员的支持。

不幸的是,我们看到冠状病毒的传播速度感到非常震惊:韩国、意大利、欧洲以及我们现在的美国!该病毒以极快的速度袭击了许多州和许多城市。我们不知在身边会有谁带来这种病毒并会感染多少人? 这使我们的家人和我们感到担忧。在这里,我们想与您及美国领导人一起,呼吁政府允许所有学校停课两周,并在四月放假,因为在四月学生通常会Easter节放假,这意味着我们可以把Easter节假期替换四月到现在。或者,学校可以开设在线课程,以便学生可以在家中安全地学习。这样,可以避免冠状病毒的危害并保护我们的朋友和家人。

根据《纽约时报》 38日的报道:美国已知的冠状病毒病例数继续迅速增长。据《纽约时报》的数据库显示,截至星期一早上,在34个州和华盛顿特区,至少有545人接受了冠状病毒治疗,至少有22名该病毒患者死亡。纽约州的病例已增加到142例,超过华盛顿州,成为冠状病毒病例最多的州。一周之内,长岛拿骚县的冠状病例就从一例上升到现在的十三例。在此,我们紧急呼吁国会大厦、白宫的所有领导人,总统候选人、教育部长,卫生部部长,疾病预防控制中心主任,纽约州州长,纽约市长和50个州教育局局长让学校关闭并让学生在家学习!

我们非常欣赏《纽约时报》关于Howard Markel博士202038日的警报的报告:不要等到为时已晚!历史告诉我们,在疫情爆发初期将孩子留在家中可以挽救生命。

霍华德·马克尔(Howard Markel)博士研究流行病历史等科学家。 202036




Leading Initiators
Harmony Liu and Mia Xu with supporter name list:
1. Mia Xu(
徐子雅) 纽约长岛大颈北高中二年级
Great Neck North High School of Long Island New York
2. Harmony Liu (
刘昕格) 纽约长岛杰里科高中一年级
Jericho High School of Long Island of New York


Join Initiators加盟发起人:
3. Elvis Han (
Wishing Well Montessori School, Markham,
Ontario, Canada (Age 6 Grade 1)
4. Alice Zhou (
周琦涵) 福建省福州市湖前小学五年8
Class 8, Grade 5, Huqin Elementary School Fuzhou City,
Fujian, Province of China
5. Lawrence Lin (
林子添) 福建省福州市延安中学七年14
class 14, grade 7, Fuzhou yanan junior high school, Fuzhou City,
Fujian Province
6. Joe Zhou (
周敬淇) 福州第四中学高二(11)班
class 11 grade 8 the fourth middle school Fuzhou,Fujian,China
7. Eirene Liu (
刘昕媛) 纽约康尼亚哥小学
Cantiague Elementary School, Jericho, Long Island New York
8. Maggie Chen (
陈珉琦) 长岛花园城华尔道夫学校
Waldorf school of garden city
9. Angel Chen (
陈安琪) 中国无锡外国语学校
Wuxi foreign language school, China
10. Yuzheng Cen (
岑禹政) 湖北武昌实验小学
Wuchang Experimental Primary School
11. Bowen He (
贺博文) 纽约长岛北区大颈中学
Great Neck North Middle School of Long Island, New York
12.XiHe (
贺禧) 纽约长岛大颈北区高中一年级
Great Neck North High School of Long Island, New York
13. Zhi Xuan Zhou(
Great Neck North High School ofLong Island New York
14. Yuchen Liu(
刘禹辰) 纽约长岛大颈北区高中一年级
Great Neck North High School
Long Island, NY
15. Haoran Liu(
刘昊燃) 纽约巴克利国际学校
Barkley county Day School
16. Sunny Wang(
王钰然) 纽约长岛大颈北区小学
Saddle Rock School, New York
17. Ruozi Tan(
谈若子) J.H.S.067中学皇后区
J.H.S. 067 Louis Pasteur Middle School
18. Yikang Li (
李屹康) 纽约长岛大颈北区高中一年级
Great Neck North High School of Long Island, New York
19. Austin Li (
李奥斯丁) 纽约贝赛高中
Bayside High School
20. Kevin Zhang (
张凯文) 纽约罗斯林高中
Roslyn High School, New York
21. Raymond Zhan(
雷蒙德) 纽约罗斯林中学
Roslyn High School, New York
22. Joyce Jiang(
江紫薇) 纽约艺术与商业高中
High School for Art & Business School of NY
23. Chelsea Zhang (
张喜雀) 纽约皇后社区大学
Queensborough Community College, NY
24. Rebecca Shi (
石静闻) 纽约皇后区贝赛74中学
Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School 74 of NY
25.Linxin Rao (
饶琳炘) 皇后语言学校
Queen High School for Language Studies
26.Chen Bing Yu Ki Huang (
Herrick high School
27.Joel Wang (
王博宇) 北京大学附属小学
Peking University Elementary School
28.Joanna Sun (
孙恩惠) 纽约大学一年级
New York University, NYU
29.Jonathan Jaikaran (
Montgomery College, Maryland
30.Adam Jaikaran (
阿丹贾卡兰) 马里兰州蒙哥马利学院大一
Montgomery College, Maryland
31.Wang Zi Hao ran (
王子浩然) 纽约长岛大颈北高中四年级
North High School of Long Island, New York
32.Zhuoyuan Liu (
刘倬源) 纽约长岛大颈北高中四年级
North High School of Long Island, New York
33 .Tom Cheng (
成柏滔) 深圳市罗湖区锦田小学五年级3
Jintian primary school,Shenzhen, Guangdong,China
Liu Bang Zheng(刘邦正)
grade7Hunan Changsha Tongshenghu
Experimental School
ChangshaHunan Province
35 LiuCan
Cell Biology
2018);School of Basic Medical Science Central
South University
ChangshaHunan Province
36. Yiming Zhu
Great Neck South Middle School of Long Island, New York
37. Wenjie Shan
Wuxi Nan Chang Jie school
38. Wenyi Shan
Wuxi Nan Chang Jie school



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